Our team has been busy in the Walla Walla Valley!
We’re happy to be playing our part to improve the community we care about.
The place in which we work, play, live.

  • Walla Walla High School: New running track
  • Walla Walla Corps of Engineers Mill Creek: Fish safety bypass, Mill Creek Building
  • Dayton Hospital: New parking lot
  • St Mary Hospital: New parking lot
  • Whitman College:?Demolition of 13 houses for new residency hall, Service Tech parking lot
  • Borlesky Stadium: New batting cages
  • Locust Road, Walla Walla: Pond and recharge project
  • Fruitvale recharge project
  • Walla Walla Veterans’ Affairs Administration: Water tower project
  • Washington Dept. of Social Heath Services: parking
  • Waitsburg Preston Bridge: Water line project
  • Provenance Homes:? Sub division development